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E - Cruiser LX

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E - Cruiser LX is an affordable basic power wheelchair designed for indoor and normal outdoor use. It can carry up to 110 Kg and reaches a maximum speed of 6.5Km/hr. With 5 speed options, it offers smooth mobility and a range of 10-15Km per charge. The wheelchair comes with comfortable seating, adjustable armrests, and puncture free foam filled rubber tires. It is a reliable and practical choice for basic mobility needs.

Key Features of E - Cruiser LX from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • The E - Cruiser LX is designed to be a budget friendly powered wheelchair, offering excellent value for money. It provides essential mobility features without compromising on quality.
  • The power wheelchair is optimized for indoor use, making it ideal for maneuvering through home environments, offices, or other indoor spaces with ease. 
  • This motorized wheelchair prioritizes user comfort with a basic seat, adjustable armrests, and a foldable and removable footrest.


 Keypad Locking Prevents unauthorized use or tampering of the wheelchair.
Call Alarm Allows the user to call for assistance or notify a caregiver when needed.
Reverse Alarm Provides a warning to others when the wheelchair is moving in reverse (optional feature).
Low Voltage Alarm Notifies the user when the battery voltage is low, indicating the need for recharging.
Mobility Cut-off While Charging Disables mobility while the wheelchair is being charged for safety.
Five Speed Selector Allows the user to choose from different speed settings for mobility control.
Length Adjustable Joystick Control The joystick control unit can be adjusted in length and can be switched between left and right sides.
Foldable and Removable Footrest The footrest can be folded and removed for easy access and storage.
Wide and Height Adjustable Armrest Wide armrests that can be adjusted for height, providing better comfort and support for the user.
Basic Seat Provides basic seating comfort for indoor use.
Removable Seat Backrest The seat backrest can be easily removed for flexibility and maintenance.
Removable and Adjustable Calf Support Calf support can be adjusted for width and removed as needed.
Warranty One-year replaceable warranty against manufacturing defects.