Blood Pressure Monitor Device

Panmedical DME Assured Pressure monitor, With inflation pump, Cuff band, 4 AAA batteries, and an instruction manual for use. A reliable and portable device used to detect irregularities in heartbeat to provide exact blood pressure readings.

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Panmedical DME


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You can contact our customer support team 24/7 on +919006741890

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The user data is absolutely safe and secure in our website and also, we use CashFree for transactions which is one of the safest and secure transaction provides in India.

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You can give review of products on our website and also if you have any suggestion, you can email us at

Can I purchase a machine or product without a prescription?

The prescription is generated with every product purchase request

Does a warranty come with machine?

Yes, the warranty varies from product to product.

What happens if my machine is out of warranty and needs repairs?

You can reach out to local service center to get your out of warranty product required.

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We are available 24/7 for customers.

Do you sell new equipment direct from the manufacturer?

Yes, we have partnership with multiple manufacturers as provider.