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Swift Wheel is a sleek and smart powered wheelchair designed for enhanced mobility. With its revolutionary Split Frame Chassis (SFC), It offers excellent maneuverability, stability, and comfort. The wheelchair features a range of convenient and safety oriented elements such as urine bag holder, manual seat height adjustment, call and fault alarms, seat folding for transportation, and a maximum loading capacity of 130 Kg.

Key Features of Swift Wheel from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • Swift Wheel is an Outdoor Electric Wheelchair, which is suitable for tough outdoor as well indoor conditions.
  • This Heavy-duty electric wheelchair combines style, functionality, and ease of use for personal mobility.
  • Swift Wheel is also a Reclining Wheelchair that can be reclined to comfortable positions as you desire
  • This motorized wheelchair also provides a Keypad lock for enhanced security and prevention of unauthorized use


 Split Frame Chassis Revolutionary Split Frame Chassis design for enhanced maneuverability, stability, and comfort
Maximum Load Capacity 130 Kg / 286 lbs
Maximum Speed 7.5 km /hr
Speed Selection 5 speeds
Puncture Free Tires Foam-filled rubber Tires for a smooth and hassle-free ride
Customizable Options Seat lifting, footrest elevation, backrest recline, panel color options, seat tilting ( Tilt in Space), seat Dimensions & attendant handle,  Headlamp, taillamp, indicators, Pouches, Lap board
Safety and Convenience Call alarm, Fault alarm, Key pad locking, and more
Safety and Comfort Premium seat with a Lap belt for safety and stability, Back Rest with Cushion, Foldable, height adjustable armrest and footrest, Wide armrest with height and width adjustment, Seat  Back can be folded for transportation, Removable footrest with width adjustable calf support
Control and maneuverability  Ability to handle inclines with a gradient of 9-12 degrees, Length adjustable joystick control unit
Safety and Visibility Reflectors as per standards
Storage and Accessibility Urine Bag Holder