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Luxe Glide is a stylish and advanced luxury power wheelchair with patented ‘Split Frame Chassis’ technology. It ensures exceptional comfort, stability, and safety for outdoor and indoor use. It offers a smooth and secure ride with a maximum speed of 9 Km/hr and a load capacity of 130 kg. Customizable features provide a tailored mobility experience for its users.

Key Features of Luxe Glide from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • Luxe Glide is an All-Terrain Wheelchair which is suitable for tough outdoor as well indoor conditions.
  • This Heavy-duty Electric wheelchair surpasses all levels of testing, making it defect-free and nearly flawless for everyday use.
  • Luxe Glide is also a Reclining Wheelchair that can be reclined to comfortable positions as you desire
  • The patented Suspension System of this motorized wheelchair gives ultimate comfort for its users
  • It is also one of our many Customizable Wheelchairs


Split Frame Chassis (SFC) Innovative chassis design for enhanced stability and safety
Maximum Load Capacity 130 Kg / 286 lbs
Maximum Speed 9 Km/hr
Speed Selection 5 speeds
Puncture-Free Tires Foam-filled rubber Tires for a smooth and hassle-free ride
Customizable Options Seat lifting, Footrest elevation, Backrest reclination, Panel color options, Seat tilting (tilt in space),Seat Dimensions & handle, Pouches, Lap board 
Safety and Convenience Call alarm, Fault alarm, Key pad locking, and more
Control and Maneuverability Five-speed selector
Safety and Visibility Reflectors as per standards
Storage and Accessibility Shopping basket