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TT300 is a versatile bed designed to provide comfort and convenience. With features such as automatic functions, tilt table with fowler bed function, vertical standing capacity, and battery backup, it offers flexibility for personalized positioning. Additional features include support belts, hand controller, and a 4-section mattress platform, This bed combines functionality, safety, and customization for enhanced mobility and comfort.

Key Features of TT300 from the best power bed manufacture in Bangalore
  • TT300 is a Tilt table with Fowler function that aids in the gradual transition from lying to standing position.
  • The Fowler bed component of the tilt table offers the ability to adjust the head and knee sections independently, allowing for customized postioning and enhanced patient comfort.
  • This Tilt Table is designed with easy access for caregivers to assist patients during transfers, therapy, and other activities.


Tilt table with Fowler bed function

Backrest up and down

Vertical standing at 85-degree positions

Fowler and Vascular Positions

Battery Back-up on request

Kangaroo Leg and Caster Wheel with Brakes-2 no’s

4-Section Mattress Platform

Support Belts

Hand Controller(remote)

Angel Adjustment

Removable Mattress Platform