Intimate TT100

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TT100 is a versatile mobility aid designed to enhance comfort and accessibility. With a load capacity of 190 Kg, it features a single-function tilt, kangaroo leg and caster wheels with brakes for stability, ans support belts at three positions for added safety. The device includes a hand controller for easy operation, and its compact design and high-density foam mattress provide comfort and convenience.

Key Features of TT100 from the best power bed manufacture in Bangalore
  • TT100 is a Tilt table that aids in the gradual transition from lying to standing position.
  • This Tilt Table helps prevent orthostatic hypotension by gradually acclimating the body to an upright position.
  • It assists in assessing and improving orthostatic tolerance as well as facilitates rehabilitation, mobility training, and functional activities.


Tilt - single function

Allows adjustment of patient lying position angle

Battery Back-up

Ensures functionality during power outages

Kangaroo leg and caster wheel with brakes

Provides stability and manoeuvrability

Single section mattress platform

Offers a comfortable resting surface

Support belts at 3 positions

Provides additional support for safe posture

Hand controller

Allows operation and control of device functions

Angle adjustability

Allows adjustment of the seat angle 0 to 900

Easy-to-use controls

User-friendly hand controller for easy operation

Durable construction

Built with durable materials for long-lasting use

Compact design

Maneuverable in narrow spaces and indoor environments

Easy maintenance

Removable mattress for easy cleaning