Intimate BB500

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Regular price Rs. 150,627.00
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BB500 is an electric adjustable Birthing Bed with user friendly features. It can comfortably support up to 180 Kg and offers various positioning options. You can easily adjust the backrest for personalized comfort, and it has a convenient tray for collecting body fluids. The bed comes with a hand controller for simple operation, and the sturdy frame ensures stability. With its caster wheels and brakes, it allows for easy movement and secure positioning. 

Key Features of BB500 from the best power bed manufacture in Bangalore

  • BB500 is a Birthing bed that provides considerations for easy patient transfer, step-less entry, or swiveling features for optimal accessibility during delivery.
  • The Intimate BB500 is an electric adjustable bed that allows you to find your perfect sleeping or resting position with just the touch of a button. No more struggling with manual adjustments or uncomfortable positions.
  • The bed includes a practical tray for collecting body fluids. This feature ensures cleanliness and makes it easier to manage any accidental spills or fluid release, providing a more hygienic sleeping environment. 


Five function fully automatic

Offers multiple automatic functions

High and Low Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg

Adjustable angles for Trendelenburg positioning

Backrest up and down

Adjustable backrest angles

Collection tray for body fluids

Tray for collecting and containing body fluids

Retractable footrest with length adjustment

Footrest can be extended & retracted

Battery Back-up

Backup power source during outages

Caster wheel

Wheels for stability and mobility

One-hand release side rails (ABS)

Easy release of side rails with one hand

Transport handles head side

Handles for easier transportation

3-section mattress platform

Divided mattress platform for customization

Height adjustable leg support

Adjustable height for leg support(lithotomy support)

Hand controller

Controller for easy operation and adjustment