AutoGlide - EL EX

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Auto Glide - EL EX is a lightweight electric wheelchair designed for indoor use and as a transfer wheelchair. With an aluminum alloy body, it can support a maximum load of up to 100 Kg. The wheelchair offers a maximum speed of 6 Km/h, foldable design and cushioned backrest. It also features a low voltage alarm, 9 degree gradient capability, and a foldable footrest without height adjustment. 

Key Features of PANDEM - EX11 from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • Elan Ex is a comfortable and easy-to-use mobility device and the Lightest Foldable wheelchair in India.
  • It is a compact wheelchair that helps individuals with limited mobility get around comfortably.
  • Elan Ex is also a Travel wheelchair that can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor conditions.
  • This lightweight wheelchair is designed to provide stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for everyday use.


Maximum Load Capacity <=100kg
Maximum Speed <=6 km/h
Speed Selection Present
Foldable Foldable Wheelchair
Folded Size 590mm X 420mm X 740mm
Handle Handle for push/ pull action
Frame Material Lightweight and durable material
Customizable Options Cushion thickness, pouch
Safety and Convenience Low Voltage alarm and more
Static Stability >= 9 degrees 
Braking System Reliable and responsive electromagnetic braking mechanism
Braking Distance <= 1.5 meters 
Battery Li - Ion Battery
Safety and Comfort Safety and seat with cushion
Control and Maneuverability  Ability to handle inclines with a gradient of 9 degrees
Controller Type Intuitive control panel for user- friendly operations
Safety and Visibility Additional wheels to prevent tipping accidents
Storage and Accessibility Wheelchair can be folded and can be portable